Sisters Serenade Top

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The split background of the top creates a visual narrative that seamlessly merges different elements of Indigenous aesthetics. The top half features a mesmerizing black background adorned with dentalium-inspired design accents, symbolizing the deep reverence for nature and the delicate beauty found in Indigenous cultures.

As your gaze travels to the bottom half of the top, a ledger print-inspired background emerges, reminiscent of historical records that preserve the stories and symbols of Indigenous communities. This background becomes a canvas for bold geometric designs, each line and shape embodying the intricate patterns and interconnectedness revered in Indigenous artistry.

Among the geometric designs, stylized images of dancers come to life, capturing the grace, movement, and cultural significance of Indigenous dance traditions. These dancers symbolize the celebration of life, unity, and the preservation of cultural heritage, a testament to the profound resilience and vibrant spirit of Indigenous peoples.

Justine is wearing an XL Top, she is 5 foot 8 and 165lbs.

Size: XS